Life Coach

As a life coach I am here to help you reach your goals and make the positive changes in life you're looking for. 

I encourage and guide my clients by giving them the tools they need, teaching them how to accept new challenges, and move forward by setting and working on achieving their goals.

Make the choice to change your life and call today.

Life is a journey and only you hold the map.

Benefits From Life Coaching


Knowing what you want can be a challenge in life. As part of your pre-coaching work, I will help you to process what you would like to achieve from coaching (if you are not already). On an on-going basis, coaching will help you to get and stay clear about your goals and the direction you would like to head in.


Accountability is a powerful tool for creating change. You will work with me to create goals to achieve between sessions. Coaching is very much a joint journey and as your life coach, I don’t give you advice or tell you what to do; together we will create goals for you that will be realistic and achievable and importantly, inspiring to you. The goals should be your goals and owned by you. If for some reason you are not able to achieve that goal, you will work with me in the next session to see what stopped you and help you to move forward again. If you find that you are putting something off week after week, it is much more obvious in the coaching scenario and gets dealt with quicker than you may do by yourself. This means that you can either get to the bottom of why you have not achieved the goal or decide to leave it to one side if you realize it no longer inspires you.

The Opportunity To Focus On You

Life coaching is an opportunity to focus on you, your dreams and aspirations. In day to day life, being busy with family, friends, work and hobbies often means that you and your bigger wants get left to the side. Life coaching gives you the space to think about you, your thoughts and feelings and about what is important to you. Life coaching can be truly life changing and can enable you to carve the space in your life for your goals and what is important to you.

If you have further questions about getting a Life Coach? Please feel free to contact me.